NNémeth Packaging Technology



The HDPE, LDPE, BOPP, PE, PA, air-bubbles and foam films, confection we to do it.


Unique packaging design based on customer requirements.


The primary aspect of the products provided that they are no longer able to avoid causing damage to the environment..


Németh Packaging Technology

Németh Packaging Technology - Sárvár

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About Us

Since 1996, the plant deals with packing technology. In recent years, our company is constantly expanding with a vast experience in the production and trying to served, costumers.

Quality and ...

Our products include trash bags, pouches, pallets cap foils, bags of various sizes and and many handle form as well as Foil apron and Foot-muff, shoes can be foil sheets are also included. Manual and machine, we are also present in the marketing of the stretching foil market. We are the unique products, as determined by our partners colors and sizes. The premises of our own vehicles, carry out the dispatch.

We consider the protection of the environment is very important, which is why we support all rallies and movement, which pursues similar to himself. Due to free productive capacity technical waste of other businesses to strive for and purchased the future generation, to ensure a cleaner, healthier environment.

... environmental protection

The flexible packaging materials processing with our main profile. The BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, PA-PE, air-bubble and foam layers, we confecion performed. At our company we deal with waste processing PE since 2007, production of secondary raw materials. Our products provide the processing of wastes to be generated again.

We put great emphasis on value proportional to the production of quality films, market research, our company will continue to remain viable.

Our Staff

team 1

Ferenc Németh - director

Tel: +3630/9948554

Email : nemethcsomagolas@gmail.com

team 1

Ferenc Zoltán Németh - commercial manager

Tel: +3630/5007617

Email: nemethcsomagolas01@gmail.com


Dorina Anna Németh - foreign contacts (for english language)

Tel: +3630/456 7725

Email : nemethcsomagolas@gmail.com



Németh Packaging Technology

Németh Packaging Technology

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  • E-mail: nemethcsomagolas01@gmail.com
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